Emperor: The Perfect Penguin
Cover for Emperor: The Perfect Penguin

Emperor: The Perfect Penguin

Emperor: The Perfect Penguin (published by ACC Art Books, 26 September 2018) is a love letter from Sue Flood to the emperor penguin - the biggest and most photogenic of the 18 species in the penguin family and the only member which never sets a foot on dry land, spending their entire lives, instead, either on sea ice or feeding in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

It combines more than 200 crisp, clear and beautifully-reproduced images taken by Sue Flood during the many hours she’s spent in the heart of penguin colonies with behind-the-scenes anecdotes, insights and observations about Earth’s remotest, coldest and harshest environment. Includes a foreword by Michael Palin.


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Cold Places

Cold Places (New Sue Publishing, April 2011) brings together more than 150 of the photographs captured by Sue during more than a dozen visits to the Arctic and Antarctic, including shots of polar bears, penguins, whales, seals, seabirds, Arctic people, glaciers and snowscapes.

Each photo is accompanied by a caption telling a personal story about the shot. There is also a helpful round-up of the kit and settings used to obtain every one of the images. With a foreword by the Hon Alexandra Shackleton, grand-daughter of renowned Polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton


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